Dispensational Teastology


Moms walking with their children to play on swings

Students shooting a film for their current project

A squirrel trying to eat a peanut with its shell being used as a barricade

The simplicity of life that goes unnoticed

An older man relaxing while reading a book soaking in the fresh air and solid wind breeze

Homeless men strutting around as if they are looked at the same way as those who aren’t homeless

Old majestic skyscrapers surround the bright green and concrete grey park 

Two worlds coming together as one without barriers

 Tourists taking pictures with iconic symbols that make New York the greatest city in America

New Yorkers escaping the corporate world to be seduced by the beauty of their city

Families coming together and experiencing the spoils of what New York has to offer

This is a city that can stand on its own


New York City

A crowded street on both sides with taxi cabs stuffed in-between like an Oreo. Buildings that are high enough to where you cannot see the top of them bully the skies.. Establishments on each street compete against each other to gain an edge. Billboards as big as boats saturate the skylines of Times Square and Seventh Avenue. At every corner is a hot dog stand that peeks the tourist’s interest. Every subway you take gets you closer to slaying the dragon of New York commuting. Each person on the street has a different agenda than the next. The tourist is seeking their new spot to explore; the worker is rushing to that meeting which started 5 minutes ago; the new hottest socialite is walking to the new hottest café. Iconic spots around the city that could only be seen through pictures and movies are finally at your fingertips: Central Park, The Empire, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue, Tiffany’s, and The Upper East Side. New York is not a dream anymore, it is a reality. The greatest city in the world can now be experienced.


The Empire is the heart of New York City.
Surrounded by skyscrapers that cannot compete against its age and beauty.
Standing 103 stories high, it towers its dominance against the others.
There are only a few that can compete with its simplicity and elegance.
But none can come close to the passion and desire it bears for this city.
Once a king always a king.


The last seven years of your life gets flashed before your very eyes. The relationship that was created out of a simple hello started the beginning of the end for both. At that time you felt like the relationship was healthy and progressive for the better in your life, Instead of sneaking around, it was said that spending time together wasn’t announced publicly. You wanted to make sure it was real before everyone knew. You were lying to everyone, other plans had already been made and you never brought them up. Now that part of the relationship is over. No more secrets, no more lies. The relationship is now public. Although it may have hurt some, time heals all wounds. Maturity and truth are the new cornerstones of what is being held together.

You know what they say, old habits die hard. Although lies were told and mistakes were made it is different this time around. There is a new support system involved. One that doesn’t judge or condemn. Like always time heals all wounds, and now there is a marriage and the arrival of a child. Although age is no concern for either, the two cornerstones will come into question. The acts of lying and deceit were thought to be over by the arrival of a child and the bond of a marriage between the two. No one will realize the danger of these actions until it is too late.

There may have been growing pains in the first year, but nothing like this was to be expected in years 2-4. Priorities were changed, feelings were tossed aside like garbage, even child one and two were being neglected. If only others knew the struggles that were between them. Month after month feelings were not the priority. The hearts that once loved each other became cold and numb. Putting on the mask that was forced on them makes things easy on the outside. Loneliness and suffering are occurring on the inside thanks to the secrets that were forced on the marriage.

Rumors of cheating have been raised to life. Lies are given out like they are free samples at a supermarket. The children haven’t seen their father, and the mother covers to make him seem like his intentions are noble and supportive. Day after day their fondness for each other dwindles. The thought of growing old together is no more. Is there any way this marriage can be saved? Where is the maturity and truth that were supposed to be cornerstones of this marriage? What happened to the vows that were sworn on their wedding day? All there is now is hope for restoration.

Solomon Speech

Today I present to you someone who can be considered as one of the most intelligent, wealthy, handsome, important men that has ever lived on this planet. This man has accomplished a lot in his life. By the time he was young, he knew that one day he would be a ruler over people. That time has come now where he is that ruler. His people adore him and they couldn’t ask for a better person to lead them. He has accomplished many things while he has been in power. He’s done many works with the community, he’s helped those who are in need, he built mansions and monuments, and given much for the sake of others.
What comes along with his power and authority is his wealth. He owns much land and is able to provide crops and resources for those who do not have that ability. His vineyards are plentiful and his gardens are well cultivated. He owns so much land where he comes from he practically owns the country. His mansions are glorious filled with the finest art and valuables. He has many servants who wait on his every need. Although they are servants he treats them as family. He has more gold and silver than all the surrounding rulers combined. Money is not a problem for him. His wealth was not handed to him like most others. He worked hard to achieve the status he has made for himself and for his family. He does not take his wealth for granted, instead he makes known of his hard work and prosperity.
Our friend here has power, wealth, and next he has love. Fulfilling his desires is an easy task for him. His words are kind and can break through any woman. His letters are provocative and sensual it will bring any woman to their knees. His indulgences are many, his needs are few, and what he wants he gets. In his spare time he writes with the poets and the scholars. He gives thoughts of wisdom and gives his view of life to those who are in doubt. His words have meaning and purpose. His wisdom is beyond our time. He is the wisest man alive. He consults with other rulers and gives insight to those who seek his help. Because of his vast knowledge and wisdom, he made himself into the man that he is today.
With all his accomplishments and recognition, he knows these material objects have no satisfaction for him. He has mentioned to me about how has tried numerously to fill that void inside with his wealth, his power, his fame, his writing, and romance. Today he will be talking to you about the only thing that can fill that void. That is someone who is greater than him. Ladies and gentleman I present to you the writer of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon. I give to you the man who built the Jerusalem temple, the wisest man in the world, the wealthiest man in the world, King Solomon.


Contemplating where to go and what to use. Should I wait until

the late of night, or should I grasp the opportunity now? The

desire bursts at you like a heat flash jumping onto your body.

You do not know where it came from, what’s triggered it’s

arrival, or even how to dispose of its lingering attractiveness.

You do not realize you’re in it until the performance is in

action. You’ve made up you’re mind without even realizing it.

There are no second guesses. There is no time to look at the

consequences of your actions. There is only time for action.

These are your moments of weakness, but they never feel that

way until the deed is done. In those moments of action, feeling

invincible occurs within, completeness of mind, body, and

soul feel accomplished. The realm of addiction becomes an outer

body experience. You come out of the experience and remember

where you really are. The realization of how bad things are

do not appear until after. What was thought as a stability in

life is making life unstable. It becomes your god. It is your

only desire. It is why you live. It is what destroys you. It is

your addiction.

Premier League

The thrill of competition every week.
The smell of bright green grass on the pitch.
The cheering fans that support their teams win or loss.

The majestic rivalries fueled by years of matchups causing championships to be won and lost.
New rivalries being born as clubs begin to rise in the ranks.
All must given to achieve greatness.

Winning streaks on the road, but not finding the mental fortitude to win at home.
Dominating domestic opponents, but struggling to make name for yourself against the European powerhouses..
Transfer windows that makes teams contenders, and windows that make teams rebuild for next year.

Injuries that place a championship run on hold or maybe the cost of a manager’s job.
Undefeated season wishes not granted even before Christmas, losing streaks begging to be broken.
New management bringing philosophies that will change a club forever.

So much dramatics and the new year hasn’t even arrived for us yet. One can only imagine how the second leg can turn out for those that we follow. All we can do is watch and cheer for the teams we love and will never abandon. This is Premier League.

Mr. Entertainment

A three section couch centered in a living room house. It looks old and worn, with the cushions being flat as pancakes and the leather breaking. On it is a man looking for refuge; seeking an escape from his very own reality. He sits on his deflated couch and looks through a portal of worlds that can only be reached through his television.

Each genre represents something different in his life. Woody Allen pleases his intellectual mind, while the Cohen brothers bring out a sense of laughter and mystique in him he can only experience through them. Phillip Seymour Hoffman gives him quality and depth that he has never seen before, while Daniel Day Lewis is the pure definition of the word actor. Film is more than a movie to this man; it is an art. Opening scenes of the film Manhattan, a montage dedicated to the city of New York, shots of Eastern Europe during World War II in Schindler’s List and The Pianist, or even Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey are samples of cinematic artistry that fulfills his soul.

Although his life is engulfed in his passion and alternate reality, he knows this not a reality that can be lived out. In order to live in both realities at once he must find a way to fuse them together as one. He must live out his passion for his art in ways that would make his reality functional. He must use his creativity, imagination, and other attributes that make his art real to him. He must makes his eyes like lenses that seek out moments to be captured for art. He must envision himself as the director and the world he lives in his film to be made.

The Lifers

People sitting in a circle like they were still in kindergarden, embracing what is in front of them. They sit close enough to experience the blossoming sound of instruments crashing into their faces. Every note, every melody, is a new breath of life they cannot get enough of. Experiences like these do not last forever. Their hands clinch tightly to these moments so they’ll never let them go.They are the ones who roam around the world like nomads. They are the ones seeking something new everyday. They are the ones who make soundtracks for their life. Nothing is taken for granted, and guilt for their endeavors that hurt them along the way will not found. This is their purpose in life.

What is it that makes them vulnerable to the world and the injustices that seek their demise? How do they face the burden of giving themselves over to their insecurities just so they can say their desires were put into action? It’s hard for most people to go outside their comfort zone, and experience what they always dream about. For them, all they can face is what’s in front of them. What has been laid out for them is their path to follow. It is wants and desires from others who were never capable of fulfilling them. Maybe it’s a safeguard so the vulnerabilities of their inner being do not have to be dealt with. Or maybe is just the easiest path to take, with little risk and minimal reward.

What else can be said about these people who have it all? Not much else. There is only one more question to be asked though; who is willing to take the risk and receive great reward? Who is willing to give it all up for the desires that burn in their heart and soul? Are they worth leaving the comfort zone of one’s heart, or are they just dreams that will never be fulfilled?

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